Space for rent on Horse Boarding Farm, Oakdale CA

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    I am currently living in a tiny house on this property, but moving to a different location end of July.  I would like to find someone to replace me before then.  This is a cement plot next to a barn, big enough to hold my tiny house and my daughter’s 5th wheel.  So if you have just a tiny house, there enough space to make the rest of the area into a patio.  We have fashioned the area next to the lot for a dog kennel, to leave our dogs in when we are not there and to give them a space outside.  The lattice on top needs some work – high winds here sometimes.    We have two dogs – and she would prefer no more than that if any.  Other than the plot and the dog kennel, the rest of the land is hers.  She has a horse boarding business and keeps the place looking meticulous and expects the same from her renters.  There IS a space she has let me use for a garden too, if you are into that, but there is no private yard for children to play.   Quiet, respectful adults would be ideal.  Horse boarding is available as well.  She has asked me not to say how much rent is – you will negoitate that with her, but we got a good deal.  (I had to put something in the cost space.)  The space has water and electric hookups.  TP Express offers service for Black tanks.   It’s been a delight having Pauline as our landlord and I hope to find someone who will offer the same respect we have for her and her property.  Let me know if you are interested and little about yourself.  Move in date is August 1st 2018!

    BONUS!  There’s also an extra double room available for rent if you need extra bedroom for a family member, office, etc.

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